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How many devices can I use at my venue?

If you require multiple devices for your venue then we highly recommend you run a Speed Test here to check your connection speed.

The DAZN For Business service requires an internet connection with at least 17mbps for the DAZN TV Device to stream in full HD.

Once the Speed Test has completed it will give you an overview of your speed, as well as giving you the number of devices you can use on that broadband connection.

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Our recommendations are:
Broadband SpeedRecommended number of DAZN TV Devices
17 – 34 Mbps1 DAZN TV Device
35 – 51 Mbps2 DAZN TV Devices
52 – 69 Mbps3 DAZN TV Devices
70 – 87 Mbps4 DAZN TV Devices
88 – 105 Mbps5 DAZN TV Devices

If your speed is below 17mbps, we recommend that you speak to your internet provider to help improve your connection.

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