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How does DAZN For Business work?

What do I need to set up DAZN For Business?

DAZN For Business is a sports streaming service for businesses. When you sign up for a subscription, you’ll be able to play sports events in your venue using a DAZN TV Device. This device will arrive in the post at your venue after you have signed up.

The DAZN TV Device needs to be connected to the internet at your venue. It also needs to connect to a TV via an HDMI cable.

You can then install the DAZN For Business app on your TV, which you need to use to play events in your venue.

Can I show multiple events if I have more than one TV?

Yes, you can. If you have more than one TV you want to show sport on, you need to purchase more than one DAZN TV Device. You’ll need one device per TV.

How can I play events in my venue?

On the DAZN For Business app, you can play events live or on catch up from the home page.

You can also choose to show just one live channel for DAZN-curated events to play non-stop (from 10am to midnight).

What other features are there?

There’s a Schedule where you can see what events are coming up in the next 14 days. The Schedule will also show you the events available on catch up from the past 30 days.

Use the dedicated button on the DAZN For Business remote control to access the Schedule at any time.

You can use the Search functionality to search for events or competitions.

Can I schedule events to play in advance?

Yes, you can. If you select a future event, set the event to Autoplay for it to start playing automatically when the event becomes live.
How do I manage my subscription?

Sign in to My Account on a web browser using a laptop or mobile. In My Account you can view and manage your subscription, including:
  •  Cancel your subscription to prevent it from automatically renewing
  •  Change your DAZN For Business username or password
  • Change your account details such as your billing address, mobile phone number or VAT number
  • Manage your payment methods
  • View your payment history and invoices
  • Order a new DAZN TV Device
  • View the status of your DAZN TV Device orders
  • View the performance of your connected DAZN TV Devices to identify which devices need a stronger internet connection
  • Log out of specific devices
  • Change your marketing preferences
How do I get help?

Go to business.dazn.com/help which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for support any queries you have.

*Please note this article is only relevant for bars, pubs and restaurants.
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